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Tuesday 11/27

Freak News 11272012 An Irish busi­ness­man said he is offer­ing Pope John Paul II’s Pope­mo­bile up for rent to partiers for $324 per hour.Paddy Dun­ning said the Pope­mo­bile, a yel­low Ford Tran­sit van spe­cially adapted for the pope’s 1979 visit to Ire­land, came with the Dublin Wax Museum when he pur­chased it a few years […]


Wednesday 11/7

A Utah man says he saw Big­foot while camp­ing in Provo Canyon. The man, posted a video to YouTube of what he says he believes may be Big­foot! The man said he and a friend were hik­ing near Squaw Peak and Lit­tle Rock Canyon Over­look when they spot­ted what they believed to be a bear. […]


Wednesday 9/26

Locals in north­ern Turkey were fran­tic when they saw a woman’s body float­ing in the Black Sea, so they called in help and watched as offi­cials cor­doned off the beach and a team of divers made their dar­ing res­cue. So every­one was less than thrilled to find that the “woman” was in fact a blow-up […]


Wednesday 8/8

A Las Vegas cop caught a motorist who ran through a red light in the course of a short pur­suit, but didn’t arrest the man – because he was already dead!  The offi­cer began fol­low­ing the vehi­cle because he noticed it mov­ing errat­i­cally and when it went through a light and jumped a median, he jumped […]


Thursday 8/2

Author­i­ties said that a Faulkner County sheriff’s deputy was respond­ing to a call about a bull run­ning loose when he saw man try­ing to guide the bull. As the patrol car drew near, the ani­mal reared up and pinned the man against the vehi­cle. Accord­ing to the deputy’s report, the bull then “tried to mate […]


Wednesday 8/1

Edin­burgh col­lege pro­fes­sor Gavin Brad­ford was deemed “unfit to teach” by Scotland’s Gen­eral Teach­ing Coun­cil after allegedly ask­ing a female stu­dent to shove a pie down his pants!  With fur­ther inves­ti­ga­tion, the Coun­cil dis­cov­ered that the 37-year-old had a his­tory of inap­pro­pri­ate behav­ior with female stu­dents. While work­ing at a col­lege in Ontario, via webcam […]


Tuesday 7/3

Life isn’t so sweet for a Cal­i­for­nia woman who fought back against a bunch of teenagers who threw a milk­shake at her.The woman, who was not iden­ti­fied, was walk­ing down a Palo Alto street when a Range Rover full of kids slowed down and one threw a shake that splat­tered over her face and chest. […]