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Firing by chocolate

Iowa man Robert McK­e­vitt says that he fed a dol­lar into a vend­ing machine for a Kit-Kat bar, but had the sweet treat get stuck at the edge of the row. His crav­ing was strong enough that he slid in another green­back to try to nudge the candy for­ward – a maneu­ver that also failed. McKevitt’s […]


Assault with a deadly squirrel

A vend­ing machine sell­ing brassieres in Osaka, Japan, attracted a lot of atten­tion but few cus­tomers. Une Nana Cool Corp. said seven bras had been bought via the machine as of Dec. 20.  A com­pany offi­cial said a lot of women had exam­ined the machine but they declined to pur­chase bras at a cost of […]