Take one for the team!

WV logoKorey Harris, a sophomore defensive lineman for the West Virginia Mountaineers, entered a home and held the residents at gunpoint while his accomplices ransacked the place, grabbing electronics, jewelry and cash. A surveillance camera captured the incident, showing Harris clad in the same practice sweats he sported on numerous tapes made by the school’s football program. Not to mention his team jersey. A spokesman for the school indicated he wouldn’t be able to “steal” back his spot on the team

Melinda Walker was at home with her five-year-old grandson when three men forced their way in and demanded she turn over her valuables, but rather than comply, she grabbed the guitar shaped controller from Guitar Hero and began smacking one of the intruders over the head again and again. She pushed a second intruder down a flight of stairs and they eventually fled empty-handed.

A British woman became the “mane” attraction at her local McDonald’s after she rode her horse into the restaurant only to have it drop a steaming, smelly quarter-pounder right in the middle of the floor. The woman, whose name was not released, initially tried to ride the horse into the drive-thru lane of the restaurant, but was told that it was against company policy to serve anyone on horseback due to safety reasons. She then dismounted and brought the animal through the front door, where it promptly offered its opinion about the surroundings. Cops arrived and issued a summons, writing up a police report that noted, “The sight and smell of this caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat.”

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