Taking the bull by the horns

statue_Texas_TechUniversity spokesman Chris Cook says Miguel Martinez was playing hide-and-seek with friends in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday morning. The 14-year-old West Texas boy is dead after he ran into a bull statue on the Texas Tech University campus and impaled himself
on one of its horns! Campus police say Martinez was at the museum with two adults and two minors when police were called to the scene.

A Florida man staked his claim to the title of world’s friendliest burglar by breaking into a home and hugging an 11-year-old who was home alone – before having a pleasant phone conversation with the boy’s dad, who’d called to check on his son. Earl “The Pearl” Newbry told both the kid and his dad that the house actually belonged to him, and to prove it, he made himself at home, brewing up a pot of coffee, downing a beer and smoking a cigarette from a pack he’d found on a table. The panicked lad managed to hightail it to the house next door, where a neighbor called cops to the scene. Newbry faces charges of burglary on an occupied dwelling along with assault and theft.

Copenhagen police said the incident began when an officer in an unmarked car began chasing another officer in an unmarked car because he believed the other officer to be a speeding civilian. Torben Koch, a lawyer for one of the officers, told the Ekstra Bladet newspaper. “He takes off after him thinking that he is a criminal and the man in the front car thinks that the man chasing him out of harassment. They are both in civilian clothes, driving unmarked cars, and neither can see it is a fellow officer,” The chase ended when the chasing officer rammed the other car, causing the cars to strike a third vehicle. No injuries were reported. The officers are now due in court on charges of seriously endangering traffic safety.

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