Taking the bull by the horns

statue_Texas_TechUni­ver­sity spokesman Chris Cook says Miguel Mar­tinez was play­ing hide-and-seek with friends in the pre-dawn hours of Sat­ur­day morn­ing. The 14-year-old West Texas boy is dead after he ran into a bull statue on the Texas Tech Uni­ver­sity cam­pus and impaled him­self
on one of its horns! Cam­pus police say Mar­tinez was at the museum with two adults and two minors when police were called to the scene.

A Florida man staked his claim to the title of world’s friend­liest bur­glar by break­ing into a home and hug­ging an 11-year-old who was home alone – before hav­ing a pleas­ant phone con­ver­sa­tion with the boy’s dad, who’d called to check on his son. Earl “The Pearl” New­bry told both the kid and his dad that the house actu­ally belonged to him, and to prove it, he made him­self at home, brew­ing up a pot of cof­fee, down­ing a beer and smok­ing a cig­a­rette from a pack he’d found on a table. The pan­icked lad man­aged to high­tail it to the house next door, where a neigh­bor called cops to the scene. New­bry faces charges of bur­glary on an occu­pied dwelling along with assault and theft.

Copen­hagen police said the inci­dent began when an offi­cer in an unmarked car began chas­ing another offi­cer in an unmarked car because he believed the other offi­cer to be a speed­ing civil­ian. Tor­ben Koch, a lawyer for one of the offi­cers, told the Ekstra Bladet news­pa­per. “He takes off after him think­ing that he is a crim­i­nal and the man in the front car thinks that the man chas­ing him out of harass­ment. They are both in civil­ian clothes, dri­ving unmarked cars, and nei­ther can see it is a fel­low offi­cer,” The chase ended when the chas­ing offi­cer rammed the other car, caus­ing the cars to strike a third vehi­cle. No injuries were reported. The offi­cers are now due in court on charges of seri­ously endan­ger­ing traf­fic safety.

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