That’s Na-cho cheese!!

That’s Na-cho cheese!!
Thieves in Florida stole two semi-trailer trucks car­ry­ing $150,000 worth of frozen turkey and nacho cheese!   Pas­co­County police found the rigs at a Fly­ing J Travel Plaza in San Anto­nio, Texas, stripped of elec­tron­ics, includ­ing a tele­vi­sion, lap­top and satel­lite radio. The turkey and the nacho cheese were left untouched.

Bank Bi Curi­ous
Both Bon­nie and Clyde would be proud. Cops say a woman drew a beard on her face and wore men’s clothes to rob a bank in Alabama. She allegedly told tellers at the Bank of Tuscaloosa in Cot­ton­dale she had a bomb, placed a device on the counter, and asked for money. She made off with an unknown amount of cash. Well at least she was smart enough not to use cof­fee grounds and leave a trail!

Hand me that, would ya? 
A New Zealand woman nearly lost her hand after a “steamy romp” in Croa­tia went wrong. She and her boyfriend, who fled the scene, were reel­ing and rock­ing in the yacht’s bath­room, where at some point the sink broke – leav­ing a jagged edge that sev­ered her hand when she fell to the floor.  Her hand was re-attache d dur­ing a six-hour oper­a­tion. It’s one thing to have a rug burn but how do you explain a sev­ered hand??

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