That’s Na-cho cheese!!

That’s Na-cho cheese!!
Thieves in Florida stole two semi-trailer trucks carrying $150,000 worth of frozen turkey and nacho cheese!   PascoCounty police found the rigs at a Flying J Travel Plaza in San Antonio, Texas, stripped of electronics, including a television, laptop and satellite radio. The turkey and the nacho cheese were left untouched.

Bank Bi Curious
Both Bonnie and Clyde would be proud. Cops say a woman drew a beard on her face and wore men’s clothes to rob a bank in Alabama. She allegedly told tellers at the Bank of Tuscaloosa in Cottondale she had a bomb, placed a device on the counter, and asked for money. She made off with an unknown amount of cash. Well at least she was smart enough not to use coffee grounds and leave a trail!

Hand me that, would ya? 
A New Zealand woman nearly lost her hand after a “steamy romp” in Croatia went wrong. She and her boyfriend, who fled the scene, were reeling and rocking in the yacht’s bathroom, where at some point the sink broke — leaving a jagged edge that severed her hand when she fell to the floor.  Her hand was re-attache d during a six-hour operation. It’s one thing to have a rug burn but how do you explain a severed hand??

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