THAT wasn't in the syllabus!

Felicia Smith a  42-year-old middle school teacher in Texas was arrested after she allegedly did some Felicia smithgrinding on the lap of a 15-year-old boy for four minutes as a special birthday present for him! According to the student, she put on some music and touched him all over.  And he even got a few butt smacks in himself.  Police say Smith told them she did it because the class persuaded her to do it. Isn’t NOT submitting peer pressure something a teacher should be teaching?  She was released on $30,000 bond and has been removed from the school and is probably looking for work doing strip o grams

Pilots in eastern Canada have been warned to look out for one of the strangest hazards they’re ever likely to encounter—a 70-foot brewery blimp shaped like a hockey goal light. The Budweiser
balloon broke from its tether at a ball hockey tournament in New Brunswick on the weekend and has been spotted floating at up to 5,000 feet, reports the CBC. Transport Canada says pilots in the area have been notified and the blimp is expected to come down in the southern part of the province, but no one knows when.

It was a peaceful afternoon in North Carolina when 74 year old John Rufty lost his hand while mowing the lawn of a small local airport.  But it had nothing to do with the lawnmower.  84-year-old Edward Sisson, was touching down on the airport’s grass landing strip on his way to visit family and didn’t see Rufty on his mower until just before impact.  Rufty’s left hand was severed by the propeller of the plane during the collision! The incident is being investigated but no charges are pending at this time.  Sisson was not injured during the accident.


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