That's a load of chicken poop! No, really....

i_love_chicken_poop_tote_bagA South Dakota man attempted to protest a car reg­is­tra­tion fee by mail­ing his paper­work back to a county office … inside a bag filled with chicken poop. Tom Par­sons pled not guilty to the charges, which stem from an ongo­ing dis­pute he’s had with county offi­cials over his vehi­cles, and he appar­ently took his lit­tle “yolk” too far, since he’s now been charged with “mail­ing inju­ri­ous arti­cles,” an offense that could net him a year in the coop.

Work­ers at the Mar­ket Bas­ket store in Chelsea, Mass said Laura Balm, 26, was spot­ted hid­ing items in her bag and fled into a manager’s office when she was con­fronted.  Balm allegedly threat­ened the man­ager with a knife and climbed up into the store’s ceil­ing when she was dis­armed. How­ever, Balm’s get­away was short-lived when she became stuck inside the ceil­ing and had to be freed by fire­fight­ers. Balm was arrested on charges includ­ing shoplift­ing and assault with a deadly weapon.

Anthony Berry walked up to the entrance of a busi­ness on the side of a high­way and found the door locked, so he tried a unique method of gain­ing entry which included him get­ting naked, close and per­sonal with the door­knob! An employee inside the busi­ness was able to record Berry’s actions & showed the video to cops. Berry was spot­ted sit­ting (sur­pris­ingly) at a nearby bus stop, where he smil­ingly admit­ted to the act, say­ing, “Yes, I have a men­tal prob­lem!” He was charged with inde­cent expo­sure – the third time he’d been nabbed for that offense.  No word on if the door­knob will seek therapy.

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