That’s BS
A fear­some bull killed a man at a fes­ti­val in Spain Saturday—the bull’s third kill in 10 years. Ratón, or Mouse, has such a ter­ri­fy­ing rep­u­ta­tion that its own­ers earn more than $14,000 when­ever it appears at a fes­ti­val. This time around, wit­nesses say the 29-year-old vic­tim was appar­ently drunk and had already been escorted back to his seat once before Ratón entered the bull­ring. The man then went back down into the ring and was gored.  Hmm, I hope that the $414,00 per appear­ance gets the owner a good insur­ance policy!

The small­est boat ever
For those of you with a true sense of adven­ture, you might want to start train­ing for next year’s Bub­ble Baba Chal­lenge in Rus­sia, where you float down the VuoskaRiver using a blow up doll as a floata­tion device. This year’s race was recently held and 800 guys made the attempt. Unfor­tu­nately, not every­one was able to hold onto their flota­tion device, so some of the “love dolls” floated away down­stream, only to wash up on shore at ran­dom twists and turns on the river.  Hey mom, look what I found on the river bed!!

A Penn­syl­va­nia man was arrested last week after break­ing into a home shared by three women and stealing…a nice hot shower.  When cops arrived at the res­i­dence, they found Jar­rod Fen­ner rant­ing inco­her­ently and insist­ing he was in his own home. He also told the offi­cers he was “the coolest (exple­tive) on Earth” and that “I bit my own umbil­i­cal cord off when I was born.”  He also admit­ted he was using mar­i­juana and cocaine.

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