That’s BS
A fearsome bull killed a man at a festival in Spain Saturday—the bull’s third kill in 10 years. Ratón, or Mouse, has such a terrifying reputation that its owners earn more than $14,000 whenever it appears at a festival. This time around, witnesses say the 29-year-old victim was apparently drunk and had already been escorted back to his seat once before Ratón entered the bullring. The man then went back down into the ring and was gored.  Hmm, I hope that the $414,00 per appearance gets the owner a good insurance policy!

The smallest boat ever
For those of you with a true sense of adventure, you might want to start training for next year’s Bubble Baba Challenge in Russia, where you float down the VuoskaRiver using a blow up doll as a floatation device. This year’s race was recently held and 800 guys made the attempt. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to hold onto their flotation device, so some of the “love dolls” floated away downstream, only to wash up on shore at random twists and turns on the river.  Hey mom, look what I found on the river bed!!

A Pennsylvania man was arrested last week after breaking into a home shared by three women and stealing…a nice hot shower.  When cops arrived at the residence, they found Jarrod Fenner ranting incoherently and insisting he was in his own home. He also told the officers he was “the coolest (expletive) on Earth” and that “I bit my own umbilical cord off when I was born.”  He also admitted he was using marijuana and cocaine.

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