That's NOT a hand!

Michelle Malone and Keith Abrahams called 911 for help after she suffered a panic attack in the wee hours of the morning. A paramedic dispatched to the scene sent out a call for police reinforcements, saying that Abrahams was standing in the bedroom holding a handgun.  A battery of 10 cops surrounded the couple and dragged them to a local precinct while another group stayed behind in search of the weapon – which turned out to be the TV remote control!

Most people can accept being the victim of an office prank—but Tasing seems a little much. In that spirit, a Texas man has filed suit against a GOP state lawmaker and her husband over months of alleged Taser attacks while working at their Houston car dealership.  State Rep. Patricia Harless’ husband, Sam Harless, allegedly made a Taser available to employees at the Houston office and filmed them sneaking up on Jones and shocking him. According to the suit, the pranks went on for months and even got posted on YouTube but have since been removed. But Sam Harless denies the whole thing.

handA Florida man was fingered for lewd behavior after cops spotted him at the side of a road waving to passing cars with all 3 hands.  Wha??  An officer on routine patrol noticed Timothy Norris Menser peeing in an alleyway outside a food bank, where he was said to be “swaying from side to side.” Menser walked towards the street, where a music festival was taking place, and began waving at cars including a cruiser housing a pair of deputies. When the officers approached the 53-year-old, he reeked of alcohol. A written report says, “When he was told about how families driving by could see what he was doing … he lowered his head in shame.”

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