That's one Godly eggplant

A cook at an Italian restaurant in Louisiana recently found God – inside an eggplant. Chef Jermarcus egplant jesusBrady says he cut into an eggplants and was shocked to see the word “God” spelled out with the seeds. He says it’s no coincidence that God appeared to him. He says he’s dealt with a lot of struggles in his life and always turned to him for guidance. Brady says, “I don’t know what it means. All I know is it tells me, ‘Hey, he’s real’ and there’s nothing that can change my mind about that.” Not even an eggplant.

A Wall Street worker who did not want his name released, joined several co-workers in having lunch delivered by a local salad joint and ordered a veggie wrap – only to find some unwanted “meat” inside after he took his first bite. He didn’t actually bite into the rat and the restaurant sent an apology and closed voluntarily for a cleaning. The owner says he believes a disgruntled employee planted the rat to make his life difficult.

We’ve learned that there are some pretty dumb criminals but who knew the controversy about the Washington Redskins name would lead to the capture of one? Jake Close was recently asked for his opinion on the Redskins controversy by the Press Enterprise in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, and he gave the paper permission to include his comments along with his face and name in the paper’s “Your Opinion” section. A Bloomsburg University police officer recognized Close, who was wanted for jumping his bail on a DUI case, and tracked him down. Close was arrested at the Bloomsburg student rec center and sent to jail on $25,000 bail. And what was Close’s comment on the Redskins? “They should change the mascot to a potato!”

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