That's one Godly eggplant

A cook at an Ital­ian restau­rant in Louisiana recently found God – inside an egg­plant. Chef Jer­mar­cus egplant jesusBrady says he cut into an egg­plants and was shocked to see the word “God” spelled out with the seeds. He says it’s no coin­ci­dence that God appeared to him. He says he’s dealt with a lot of strug­gles in his life and always turned to him for guid­ance. Brady says, “I don’t know what it means. All I know is it tells me, ‘Hey, he’s real’ and there’s noth­ing that can change my mind about that.” Not even an eggplant.

A Wall Street worker who did not want his name released, joined sev­eral co-workers in hav­ing lunch deliv­ered by a local salad joint and ordered a veg­gie wrap – only to find some unwanted “meat” inside after he took his first bite. He didn’t actu­ally bite into the rat and the restau­rant sent an apol­ogy and closed vol­un­tar­ily for a clean­ing. The owner says he believes a dis­grun­tled employee planted the rat to make his life difficult.

We’ve learned that there are some pretty dumb crim­i­nals but who knew the con­tro­versy about the Wash­ing­ton Red­skins name would lead to the cap­ture of one? Jake Close was recently asked for his opin­ion on the Red­skins con­tro­versy by the Press Enter­prise in Blooms­burg, Penn­syl­va­nia, and he gave the paper per­mis­sion to include his com­ments along with his face and name in the paper’s “Your Opin­ion” sec­tion. A Blooms­burg Uni­ver­sity police offi­cer rec­og­nized Close, who was wanted for jump­ing his bail on a DUI case, and tracked him down. Close was arrested at the Blooms­burg stu­dent rec cen­ter and sent to jail on $25,000 bail. And what was Close’s com­ment on the Red­skins? “They should change the mas­cot to a potato!”

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