The #1 thing I don't want on my roof

A British man ended up in the tank after starting his new year with a high-octane beverage — a nip of gasoline from a station near his home. Brian Taylor has been arrested more than four dozen times for drinking or sniffing gasoline. Taylor has actually been banned from going into garages or gas stations entirely because of his multiple busts for the same offense. Taylor says he tried to attend 12-step meetings for his problem, but was booted because…wait for it…he smelled too strongly of gas.

The trouble began when Shavonna Rumph and her boyfriend went to bed at their residence in Bradenton, Fla., after some drinking and he rejected her request to cuddle. According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, during an ensuing argument Rumph grabbed the man’s shirt and caused it to rip. He then tried to leave the apartment but she held on tight.” At one point during the argument she had picked up a kitchen knife as if she was going to use it to hurt or stab him. The boyfriend said he wasn’t worried about getting hurt but she was arrested anyway. Rumph was released from jail on Sunday after posting a $250 bond.

 naked man on a roofWhen police arrived at the home of 36-year-old John Redmon to serve an outstanding warrant for his arrest on stalking and drug- related charges, he managed to escape through a back door and get out on the roof of a building in Stockton, Calif. Oh, and he was naked. Redmon led Stockton Police on a chase across at least four rooftops before officers were able to take him into custody. In addition to the previous charges, Redmon added resisting arrest to his list of alleged offenses. Probably because grabbing onto a sweaty naked dude isn’t on a policeman’s bucket list. Neighbor Chris Mays who obviously missed this fiasco, told FOX40, “We have never seen anything like that around here at all, but I wish I would have.”

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