The #1 thing I don't want on my roof

A British man ended up in the tank after start­ing his new year with a high-octane bev­er­age — a nip of gaso­line from a sta­tion near his home. Brian Tay­lor has been arrested more than four dozen times for drink­ing or sniff­ing gaso­line. Tay­lor has actu­ally been banned from going into garages or gas sta­tions entirely because of his mul­ti­ple busts for the same offense. Tay­lor says he tried to attend 12-step meet­ings for his prob­lem, but was booted because…wait for it…he smelled too strongly of gas.

The trou­ble began when Shavonna Rumph and her boyfriend went to bed at their res­i­dence in Braden­ton, Fla., after some drink­ing and he rejected her request to cud­dle. Accord­ing to the Man­a­tee County Sheriff’s Office, dur­ing an ensu­ing argu­ment Rumph grabbed the man’s shirt and caused it to rip. He then tried to leave the apart­ment but she held on tight.” At one point dur­ing the argu­ment she had picked up a kitchen knife as if she was going to use it to hurt or stab him. The boyfriend said he wasn’t wor­ried about get­ting hurt but she was arrested any­way. Rumph was released from jail on Sun­day after post­ing a $250 bond.

 naked man on a roofWhen police arrived at the home of 36-year-old John Red­mon to serve an out­stand­ing war­rant for his arrest on stalk­ing and drug– related charges, he man­aged to escape through a back door and get out on the roof of a build­ing in Stock­ton, Calif. Oh, and he was naked. Red­mon led Stock­ton Police on a chase across at least four rooftops before offi­cers were able to take him into cus­tody. In addi­tion to the pre­vi­ous charges, Red­mon added resist­ing arrest to his list of alleged offenses. Prob­a­bly because grab­bing onto a sweaty naked dude isn’t on a policeman’s bucket list. Neigh­bor Chris Mays who obvi­ously missed this fiasco, told FOX40, “We have never seen any­thing like that around here at all, but I wish I would have.”

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