The beginings of my sleeve with WGF Tattoo

I’ve been want­ing a sleeve for the longest time but I had to find the right artist to do it.…And now I’ve found him. Kyle at WGF Tat­too: The Ones Your Mother Told You About.

The idea behind my sleeve is a fam­ily theme. I have 3 sis­ters, 1 brother and of course my par­ents. Each mem­ber of my fam­ily will get an ani­mal to rep­re­sent them. So since my mother loves giraffes that’s what she gets. An Owl for my father, a fish for my brother, a tur­tle for my old­est sis­ter, a swan for my sec­ond old­est sis­ter and a lady bug for my younger sis­ter. But I didn’t want them realistic.…I wanted them to be some­what car­toon­ing with big teeth, almost in the style of Tim Bur­ton. And as it turns out when I pre­sented the idea to Kyle.…he loved it. I also wanted to throw some­thing in there for my new born son. His name is Roman and I thought what bet­ter way to por­tray him then with the colosseum.

Kyle’s drawn up a few things for me so far and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ll post more as it devel­ops fur­ther. jade

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