The Best Of RAD CHAD


APRIL FOOLS! Ha ha ha, what a blast yesterday was. Managed to freak out and piss off so many people, including my own family! Can’t believe it all went so well. Thank you all for the love, glad to hear you enjoy me on the airwaves a little more than Rad Chad!

Gotta throw some thanks to my co-conspirators. Thank you to Piper Phynnie and Mike Nelson for allowing me to bring Rad Chad to the airwaves, as well as some great creative suggestions that brought the event to a whole other level. Thank you to Jade Davis for the amazing voice work for all of the Rad Chad imaging. Thank you to Kat Sexton, Matty Merrill, Adam James, and everyone else at Riverbend who played along to help keep things looking legit. And a massive thank you to Brad Roybal at Riverbend for putting his face on the chopping block with his willingness to be the face of Rad Chad for the day.

For your enjoyment, here’s The Best Of RAD CHAD! -Viktor


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