The Best Of RAD CHAD


APRIL FOOLS! Ha ha ha, what a blast yes­ter­day was. Man­aged to freak out and piss off so many peo­ple, includ­ing my own fam­ily! Can’t believe it all went so well. Thank you all for the love, glad to hear you enjoy me on the air­waves a lit­tle more than Rad Chad!

Gotta throw some thanks to my co-conspirators. Thank you to Piper Phyn­nie and Mike Nel­son for allow­ing me to bring Rad Chad to the air­waves, as well as some great cre­ative sug­ges­tions that brought the event to a whole other level. Thank you to Jade Davis for the amaz­ing voice work for all of the Rad Chad imag­ing. Thank you to Kat Sex­ton, Matty Mer­rill, Adam James, and every­one else at River­bend who played along to help keep things look­ing legit. And a mas­sive thank you to Brad Roy­bal at River­bend for putting his face on the chop­ping block with his will­ing­ness to be the face of Rad Chad for the day.

For your enjoy­ment, here’s The Best Of RAD CHAD! –Viktor


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