The Bic Mac Attack

Georgia Cops responded to the sound of screeching tires and a screeching woman and found Armando Lupercio pulling his truck away from a tree he’d crashed into, and driving straight into the side of the restaurant. As the officer watched from his cruiser, the 19-year-old drove around the building and slammed into it again, then backed up to give it a third whack. After watching a fourth collision, the officer got out of his car and drew his weapon to coax Lupercio out – only to have him stagger over drunkenly and insist the gas pedal was to blame. He was booked on a number of charges, including DUI, criminal damage and aggravated assault

Big macCleveland-area man Randall Miller was driving recklessly as he pulled out of the Mickey D’s parking lot, leading witnesses to call cops, who tried to pull him over, only to have him floor it and speed away. When an officer finally did manage to flag Miller down, he noticed the 31-year-old appeared intoxicated – a suspicion that was confirmed when he said he was “too drunk and he just wanted to eat his Big Mac before he stopped.” Miller’s blood alcohol content registered three times the legal limit, leading to charges of drunk driving and fleeing an officer.

Jamese Queen, according to county police, not only robbed the same Glen Burnie bank twice last month — she went to the same teller!  Queen, wearing her hair in braids pulled back underneath a green baseball cap, walked up to the teller and with “scaly hands” and displayed a note demanding money. Police said that teller’s description of the robber’s scaly hands and another employee’s decision to follow Queen’s car after a failed third robbery attempt helped make an arrest. Maybe nest time she’ll wear gloves?

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