The boy who cried zombie

Students at a school in Brooklyn, New York ended up having to cut class when administrators ordered an evacuation. Emergency crews were called to a sixth grade classroom at Medgar Evers School after someone reported a hazardous condition … which turned out to be a powerful dose of AXE deodorant spray!  You’ve seen the ads…the scent is guaranteed to leave women powerless, but this time around, kids of both genders were incapacitated – with eight of them being taken for medical attention!

The crook strolled into a 7-Eleven in Florida in the wee hours of the morning and poured himself a cup of coffee from the self-service dispenser before walking over to the cash register and nonchalantly tossed the steaming beverage in the face of the clerk when he opened it. The unidentified intruder, who was caught on surveillance tape, then grabbed a handful of dough and fled as the cashier was reaching beneath the counter to retrieve a gun.

ZOMBIEA California man was shot dead after breaking into a young family’s suburban home over the weekend.  But that kind of stuff probably happens all the time, right?  Well, before he broke into the home he was ranting and raving about zombies in their backyard and scared the family half to death.  So they shot him.  This family is really taking the zombie apocalypse very seriously! But wait, there’s more!  The man’s relatives told authorities that he had been hallucinating at a party on Saturday evening. Ah ha, not the best holiday to “hallucinate.”

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