the chicken dance with an extra side of funky

Florida felon Mark Cruz, was carrying an unregistered .22-caliber pistol and it fell out of his pocket.  Unfortunately it went off when it hit the ground and he shot himself in the leg.  Cruz then turned up at an area hospital where he was uncooperative with police investigating the incident. Cruz refused to say where the gun was — telling police he threw it in an undisclosed lake. Cruz was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm and destroying physical evidence.

A woman in the former Soviet republic of Georgia is so close to her son that she shares a bottle of vodka with him every day — even though he’s been dead for 18 years. Joni Bakaradze died at age 22, and his mom decided immediately that she didn’t want to bury or cremate his body, because she wanted his infant son to grow up and “see what kind of father he had.” So, she placed Joni’s corpse into a coffin equipped with a glass viewing window and tried a number of preservation methods.  She says, “I had a dream once. Somebody was telling me to wake up and start using vodka to care for the body. I have been using…spirit liquid poultices since then. You must not leave the body without them during [the] night, because it will turn black.”

Chicken danceA performance artist was arrested after putting an extra saucy spin on the chicken dance — by showing up at the Eiffel Tower to boogie down with a live rooster tied to his…er…McNugget?  South African native Steven Cohen then treated tourists to a 10-minute dance routine.  Police showed up at the scene to arrest him, leading his lawyer to say, “It’s a disgrace. With this performance, Steven Cohen wanted to evoke his situation, split between two countries.”  Like which came 1st the chicken or the egg-head?

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