The dirtiest man in the world?

worlds dirtiest manAn Iranian man named Amou Haji has claimed the title for the “Dirtiest Man in the World.”  He says that he hasn’t washed in 60 years because he thinks that cleanliness will bring him sickness. In addition to the issue with bathing, Haji also enjoys dining on the rotten meat of dead porcupines. Haji also enjoys stuffing his pipe with animal feces and will only ingest tobacco by smoking multiple cigarettes at once. Haji alternates between living in a grave-like hole in the ground “to keep him grounded and in touch with the reality of life” and a brick shack. On the healthy side, he does keep his hair neat and trimmed — by burning it over a fire — and drinks five liters of water every day out of a rusty oil tin.

In a not-so surprising development, a woman in Italy has named her newborn son after the pope. In a more surprising development, she happens to be a nun. The 31-year-old went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains and reportedly rejected the doctors’ crazy suggestion that she was about to have a baby. “It’s not possible, I’m a nun,” the Italian press quotes her as saying. They were right, she was wrong, and little Francis soon entered the world. The unidentified woman worked in an old folks’ home, but the assumption is that she got pregnant on a visit to her homeland of El Salvador. “It seems she was not able to resist temptation,” says the wise mother superior of her convent.

It’s another headline-grabbing theft at Target, but this one is decidedly more low-tech. Someone in Clearwater, Florida, used a skateboard to make his great escape after stealing a TV. In fact, surveillance video shows him skateboarding inside the store with the 32-inch flat-screen. After talking to an employee about cell phone cases, he moves to the TV section, grabs the tv, and skates off. How did he get out with the tv?  He apparently pulled a utility knife on a store employee who confronted him near an exit. He was last seen skateboarding east into the sunset on a major boulevard.

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