The human nail biter

This Chinese man doesn’t get iron in his diet from his breakfast cereal…Long Yunsheng apparently nail eaterlearned how to eat 2 inch iron nails when he was a teenager and all he needs is a glass of water to wash them down.  In spite of his odd diet, Long is in good health.  The same can’t be said for a Changsha man who was hospitalized after he removed two large nails that he swallowed during an argument with his ex-girlfriend.  He says, “I was so angry then that I swallowed two nails. But I still failed to save the relationship.”   

Robert Stevens a British felon was midway through a six-year sentence for robbery when he added time to his rap sheet by trying to break out of prison.  He went over the wall at a jail in Gloucester [pr: Gloster] because he was assaulted day and night … by rap music. The 58-year-old con managed to elude cops for nearly three weeks before being recaptured. A judge tacked 10 months on to his sentence for the break, proving that you shouldn’t do the crime if you can’t take the rhyme.

Tennessee woman Dallas Archer’s display of low-caliber behavior began when she assaulted her mom by choking her and pouring bleach on her clothes. The 19-year-old drove off when her mother called 911, but was soon pulled over in a traffic stop that revealed she had a suspended license, a violation that earned her a trip to county lockup. Once there, she was searched by a female guard, who noticed something odd in Archer’s groin area and examined more closely – finding a loaded .22, which turned out to be stolen.  She now faces a number of felony charges and the person she stole that gun from probably won’t want it back.

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