The human nail biter

This Chi­nese man doesn’t get iron in his diet from his break­fast cereal…Long Yun­sheng appar­ently nail eaterlearned how to eat 2 inch iron nails when he was a teenager and all he needs is a glass of water to wash them down.  In spite of his odd diet, Long is in good health.  The same can’t be said for a Chang­sha man who was hos­pi­tal­ized after he removed two large nails that he swal­lowed dur­ing an argu­ment with his ex-girlfriend.  He says, “I was so angry then that I swal­lowed two nails. But I still failed to save the rela­tion­ship.”   

Robert Stevens a British felon was mid­way through a six-year sen­tence for rob­bery when he added time to his rap sheet by try­ing to break out of prison.  He went over the wall at a jail in Glouces­ter [pr: Gloster] because he was assaulted day and night … by rap music. The 58-year-old con man­aged to elude cops for nearly three weeks before being recap­tured. A judge tacked 10 months on to his sen­tence for the break, prov­ing that you shouldn’t do the crime if you can’t take the rhyme.

Ten­nessee woman Dal­las Archer’s dis­play of low-caliber behav­ior began when she assaulted her mom by chok­ing her and pour­ing bleach on her clothes. The 19-year-old drove off when her mother called 911, but was soon pulled over in a traf­fic stop that revealed she had a sus­pended license, a vio­la­tion that earned her a trip to county lockup. Once there, she was searched by a female guard, who noticed some­thing odd in Archer’s groin area and exam­ined more closely – find­ing a loaded .22, which turned out to be stolen.  She now faces a num­ber of felony charges and the per­son she stole that gun from prob­a­bly won’t want it back.

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