The "meth" about dentures

DenturesTen­nessee woman Brita West came to the deten­tion cen­ter for a sched­uled jail­house wed­ding to her fiancé Willard Tinch. Dur­ing her pat­down, she asked if the cou­ple would be able to seal their vows with a kiss, and was assured they would – until a deputy noticed that her false teeth kept slid­ing around, and searched her mouth, find­ing a packet of meth! Offi­cers then searched her car and found a wide vari­ety of nar­cotics –enough to get West placed behind bars in another loca­tion, which prob­a­bly isn’t on anyone’s list of top hon­ey­moon spots.  Get some glue for those puppies!

A dog is sup­posed to be man’s best friend, but you wouldn’t wish this pooch on your worst enemy. The dog’s owner, a par­a­lyzed man in Tru­mann, Ark., recently adopted the small white fluffy stray in hopes of hav­ing a lov­ing ani­mal com­pan­ion.  Instead, the dog had to be euth­a­nized after it bit off one of the man’s “berries” while he was asleep!  Obvi­ously, this dog was hun­gry! Or the guy dropped a piece of meat in his lap dur­ing dinner.

 When a 95-year-old at a Chicago senior liv­ing com­mu­nity refused med­ical treat­ment, police were called in. When they arrived, John Warna allegedly threat­ened them with a metal cane and a 2-foot metal shoe­horn, and then, when he’d dropped those, a “12-inch butcher-type kitchen knife.”  Police hit Warna with a Taser, which appar­ently failed to get him to stand down, so they shot him with the bean-bag round. He was still con­scious as he was taken to the hos­pi­tal. He later died of inter­nal bleed­ing due to blunt-force trauma to the abdomen, caused by the bean-bag! 


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