The (not so) Great Beer Escape

A parolee picked the wrong vehi­cle to start his life of crime again right out of the slam­mer.  In Madi­son Heights, Michi­gan a detec­tive spot­ted Norville Bolden while he was in the act of steal­ing a hubcap….from the detective’s car!   Need­less to say, Bolden was arrested and has been arraigned on charges.

 A woman in Eng­land had a mes­sage for her no-good, cheat­ing hus­band … a mes­sage that she broad­cast at their local pub. The wife, a reg­u­lar at Noah’s Yard in Swansea, South Wales, con­vinced the owner to change their sign out­side to read: “Paul … I am divorc­ing you.”  The unnamed woman said, “I was angry and upset so wanted a sign to go up for every­one to see. I did feel a bit bet­ter once the sign went up.”  And adding insult to injury she had a sec­ond sign go up, read­ing: “BTW [By the way], I am keep­ing the dog.”

2 MEN SCALING A BUILDINGAccord­ing to cops in Orange County, Gabriel Sauceda, 22, and Chad Walker, 20, stole four cases of beer from a gas sta­tion con­ve­nience store. Appar­ently they first took two cases, and then came back an hour later to steal two more. After the sec­ond theft the clerk fol­lowed the men and saw them go into the Embassy Suites Hotel in Santa Ana. He called police, who busted the beer ban­dits as they were try­ing to escape by scal­ing down the side of the hotel … from their 10th floor room.

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