The perfect pick me up!

The only prob­lem with cof­fee is that it has no meat in it (well, with the excep­tion of the above pic­ture), and the only prob­lem with meat is that it has no caf­feine in it!  For­tu­nately, the Army has solved both of those prob­lems with its newest snack: caf­feinated meat.  The beef jerky stick, which con­tains as much caf­feine as a cup of cof­fee, just tastes like nor­mal jerky.  But, sadly It’s still in the test­ing stages. 

And did you know (prob­a­bly not) that men who eat meat smell dif­fer­ent from those who do not and it’s not very appeal­ing to the oppo­site gen­der (that would be women), accord­ing to anthro­pol­ogy researchers at Charles Uni­ver­sity in the CzechRe­pub­lic. Female vol­un­teers who sniffed the body odor of men who eat red meat and com­pared it to that of non-meat-eaters, have decided that meat-less men smell more pleas­ant, more attrac­tive, and less intense. But the under­arm odor of meat munch­ers is judged to be stronger and more intense.  Armpit fet­tish?  Apply here!!

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