The perfect pick me up!

The only problem with coffee is that it has no meat in it (well, with the exception of the above picture), and the only problem with meat is that it has no caffeine in it!  Fortunately, the Army has solved both of those problems with its newest snack: caffeinated meat.  The beef jerky stick, which contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, just tastes like normal jerky.  But, sadly It’s still in the testing stages. 

And did you know (probably not) that men who eat meat smell different from those who do not and it’s not very appealing to the opposite gender (that would be women), according to anthropology researchers at Charles University in the CzechRepublic. Female volunteers who sniffed the body odor of men who eat red meat and compared it to that of non-meat-eaters, have decided that meat-less men smell more pleasant, more attractive, and less intense. But the underarm odor of meat munchers is judged to be stronger and more intense.  Armpit fettish?  Apply here!!

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