The to "don't" list

to do listA mem­ber of an orga­nized crime ring in New York City found out he was a lit­tle too orga­nized.  Kevin Patrick Smith, a sol­dier in the West­ies gang, was plan­ning to pull a bank heist in a small town north of the city, but didn’t real­ize that one of his sup­posed accom­plices was actu­ally an FBI infor­mant. When the plan was in place, the snitch noti­fied author­i­ties, who swooped in to search Smith’s apart­ment – where they found a to do list that ended with “rob bank.” Smith was arrested after arrang­ing a two-hour cab ride to the bank in ques­tion, which would have cost him about $500 of the haul he planned to come away with.

Joe Jaramillo said he was wear­ing a sur­gi­cal mask when he walked into the Wells Fargo bank in Mon­te­bello because he had under­gone chemother­apy treat­ment the pre­vi­ous day and needed to keep germs out of his sys­tem. How­ever, police mis­took him for the “Sur­gi­cal Mask” ban­dit, an unknown per­son believed to be behind at least two bank rob­beries in Orange County!  Really?  What are the odds! Jaramillo said police let him go with an apol­ogy after he was inter­viewed and his car was searched.

A repair­man for Jilin South­ern Adver­tis­ing in China for­got that he was still con­nected to an enor­mous, dig­i­tal screen in the bustling train sta­tion, and he began to watch an adult film. The film broad­cast to flab­ber­gasted crowds for about 10 min­utes before police arrived and sorted things out. If charged, the IT worker faces pun­ish­ment for pub­lic inde­cency because — oops! — the jum­botron is about 1,000 feet from an ele­men­tary school.

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