The to "don't" list

to do listA member of an organized crime ring in New York City found out he was a little too organized.  Kevin Patrick Smith, a soldier in the Westies gang, was planning to pull a bank heist in a small town north of the city, but didn’t realize that one of his supposed accomplices was actually an FBI informant. When the plan was in place, the snitch notified authorities, who swooped in to search Smith’s apartment – where they found a to do list that ended with “rob bank.” Smith was arrested after arranging a two-hour cab ride to the bank in question, which would have cost him about $500 of the haul he planned to come away with.

Joe Jaramillo said he was wearing a surgical mask when he walked into the Wells Fargo bank in Montebello because he had undergone chemotherapy treatment the previous day and needed to keep germs out of his system. However, police mistook him for the “Surgical Mask” bandit, an unknown person believed to be behind at least two bank robberies in Orange County!  Really?  What are the odds! Jaramillo said police let him go with an apology after he was interviewed and his car was searched.

A repairman for Jilin Southern Advertising in China forgot that he was still connected to an enormous, digital screen in the bustling train station, and he began to watch an adult film. The film broadcast to flabbergasted crowds for about 10 minutes before police arrived and sorted things out. If charged, the IT worker faces punishment for public indecency because — oops! — the jumbotron is about 1,000 feet from an elementary school.

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