The Un-Welcome mat

Unwelcome matThe neighbors encountered one another in the hallway while accompanied by their boyfriends and during the meeting Dana Allen allegedly  locked the other woman’s attempt to get into her own apartment, police said. The victim bumped Allen while trying to get by her, leading Allen to allegedly throw her fountain drink at the other woman, knock her to the ground and punch her six to 10 times in the face and head.  Why?  Apparently Allen’s neighbor loved her doormat so much that she kept stealing it. The victim suffered abrasions and bleeding from her lip, cheek, nose and forehead, police said.  Allen was arrested and taken to the Polk County Jail on a charge of assault. No word on who gets the mat.

German police said they have opened an investigation into an anonymous motorcyclist who took a nude ride through the Munster Christmas Festival.  The Rider aka “Ballerboyz,” told his followers he would take the nude ride if he got 1000 likes.  Well, guess what?    He got the likes so he  took the ride, posted it to youtube  (with his face covered). And now police are searching for him. Police spokesman Andreas Bode said, “We think it was a petty offense.”However, Birgit Weusthoff-Schulze, who saw the rider at the Christmas market, said she was far from offended.”It was not unappetizing to watch.”

Alain Cassagnol, 19, was pulled over for alleged speeding in South Carolina. According to the report, Cassagnol was going 103 mph in a 45 mph zone, and when stopped the officer noticed the inside of the car smelled strongly like a catholic church. The frankincense and myrrh incense spray was a product called “Blunt Block” that purportedly covers up the smell of marijuana, though apparently this time it didn’t work.   Although Cassagnol was probably praying at the moment, Police still suspected drugs which as it turns out, were in his pants. 

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