The worst parking spot ever!

It’s often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it appears that the way to the heart of at least one woman runs through an entirely different route — her toilet.  A 27-year-old woman agreed to return to her husband’s home village in India, after he agreed in court to get a proper toilet built at his residence. The woman, Savita, left her husband and took their two children to go live with her parents about three years ago because she was sick of having to go to the  athroom out in the open. During the court proceedings, the dirty details about the unsanitary toilet situation came to light.Malviya told the court that he would build a proper toilet by date of the case’s next hearing.  The next hearing date is set for Jan. 10.

24-year-old Jonathan Stevens, flagged down a driver in Tampa over the weekend. He had flashing red and blue lights on his SUV, a gun, and a badge around his neck. There was just one problem: Mr. Stevens is not an officer of the law. There was also one other problem: the driver he pulled over was. Tampa police spokesperson Andrea Davis told WTVT that Stevens had “indicated he worked for the Department of Homeland Security.” The officer Stevens had pulled over felt he was suspicious from the get-go and called for backup while she was pulled over. It didn’t take long before Stevens admitted he wasn’t a government agent and that he didn’t have a concealed weapon permit. He has been charged with impersonating a police officer. Would you believe that this isn’t the first time Stevens has been charged with this crime? Back in September the Bradenton Herald reported on Stevens when officers noticed him making a traffic stop on a driver in Ellenton, Florida.

car-crash-into-houseThis past Sunday 29-year-old Katie Anderson Spears lost control of her Chevy Equinox and crashed through the wall of the McCalls’ home into their dining room – the 11th time something of this nature has happened to them! Anderson Spears said that she was traveling too fast when driving over railroad tracks near McCall home. When she lost control and over corrected, she went through a neighbor’s chain link fence and straight into the house. The McCalls are frustrated, to say the least. Leigh McCall told WISH-TV News 8, “Again. Again, this is happening, again! There’s a car in our house with a woman in it. They’ve either hit the pole, hydrant, porch, or the house like 11 times now in the past [30] years”  Fortunately, though the driver went through her windshield and caused around $10,000 in damage, she was not seriously hurt and was taken to a nearby medical center in good condition.

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