There's more than 1 way to crack an egg

I hope your Easter was better than the Dye family of New Jersey’s who had their Easter egg hunt wingsuitinterrupted when a skydiver fell out of the sky into a nearby backyard!  The diver, 49-year-old Arkady Shenker, jumped out of a plane operated by Freefall Adventures Skydiving School and he was wearing a special “wing suit” that may not have worked correctly because the Dyes said he was spinning as he fell. Witnesses say Shenker appeared to be breathing though unconscious. Sadly, he was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The victim called cops after the confrontation with Jeri Rosello, who he described as “a crazy crackhead,” got really strained. He says that the woman smashed a coffee mug, pulled phone wires out of the wall and threw a plateful linguini at him before speeding away in a moving van.  Cops caught up with Rosello a short distance away. She said that she took some of the pasta out of the refrigerator in order to have a snack but denied using it to give the man a smack. She was charged with misdemeanor battery.  That’s what I call getting whipped with a wet noodle. 

A Florida man showed bystanders two different answers to the old question “Where’s the Beef?” – by whipping out his own meat while chowing down on a Wendy’s burger. The appropriately-named Anthony Johnson was arrested for indecent exposure outside a local drugstore after the manager complained that he “was laying in the front of the business with his pants around his knees,” as he downed his lunch. Johnson, who prefers to go by the nickname City Pimp, was described as a regular nuisance on the property. He remains in custody on the charges.

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