There's more than 1 way to crack an egg

I hope your Easter was bet­ter than the Dye fam­ily of New Jersey’s who had their Easter egg hunt wingsuitinter­rupted when a sky­diver fell out of the sky into a nearby back­yard!  The diver, 49-year-old Arkady Shenker, jumped out of a plane oper­ated by Freefall Adven­tures Sky­div­ing School and he was wear­ing a spe­cial “wing suit” that may not have worked cor­rectly because the Dyes said he was spin­ning as he fell. Wit­nesses say Shenker appeared to be breath­ing though uncon­scious. Sadly, he was pro­nounced dead at a local hospital.

The vic­tim called cops after the con­fronta­tion with Jeri Rosello, who he described as “a crazy crack­head,” got really strained. He says that the woman smashed a cof­fee mug, pulled phone wires out of the wall and threw a plate­ful lin­guini at him before speed­ing away in a mov­ing van.  Cops caught up with Rosello a short dis­tance away. She said that she took some of the pasta out of the refrig­er­a­tor in order to have a snack but denied using it to give the man a smack. She was charged with mis­de­meanor bat­tery.  That’s what I call get­ting whipped with a wet noo­dle. 

A Florida man showed bystanders two dif­fer­ent answers to the old ques­tion “Where’s the Beef?” – by whip­ping out his own meat while chow­ing down on a Wendy’s burger. The appropriately-named Anthony John­son was arrested for inde­cent expo­sure out­side a local drug­store after the man­ager com­plained that he “was lay­ing in the front of the busi­ness with his pants around his knees,” as he downed his lunch. John­son, who prefers to go by the nick­name City Pimp, was described as a reg­u­lar nui­sance on the prop­erty. He remains in cus­tody on the charges.

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