Thief gives cops the finger

If the alle­ga­tions are true, then 55-year-old Willie Foot­man might have pulled off more suc­cess­ful bank heists than any­one in his­tory. Except he has never stole money—only the rugs inside bank doors around New York City, 37 of them! Foot­man, admit­ted some of the thefts to reporter Michael Wil­son and says he sold the rugs to local bode­gas for $30 apiece. A stolen debit card finally did him in.  Kinda smart…who’s going to miss a rug?

Win­ter Gar­den Police say a man entered the gas sta­tion and asked a clerk for help, showed the cashier his revolver and then demanded he open the stores safe. When the clerk couldn’t make that hap­pen, the rob­ber ordered a sec­ond clerk to try. He was also unsuc­cess­ful. The sus­pect fired a round at one of the clerks and fled. The clerk got hit in his abdomen but his cell phone actu­ally caught the bul­let and stopped it from enter­ing his body!  Police say the worker had no idea the bul­let had hit his cell­phone until he pulled it out of his shirt pocket.

fake fingerThis thief gave the police the fin­ger. An air con­di­tion­ing com­pany employee told Glen­dale, AZ police some­one tried to steal the cop­per wire from his truck. The spool of wire — worth more than $300 had been pulled out about 20 feet from the truck, and what appeared to be a cut off fin­ger was caught in the wiring.  Police retrieved the fin­ger as evi­dence, and foren­sic tech­ni­cians were able to match the fin­ger­print to 29-year-old Joshua Allen Gov­er­man. He was booked on sus­pi­cion of theft.

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