This game is in the crapper

 A Brazilian soccer fan was killed during a match last week when he was hit in the head by a flying toilet toiletbowl. Fans of rival teams rioted in the stands during the game and police say three toilets that were ripped out of the bathrooms were used as projectiles.  It’s the latest incident in a string of soccer-related violence that has occurred in Brazil, which is only six weeks away from hosting the World Cup.

A man survived a 50 foot drop when he plunged off the fifth floor of a building and was impaled on a lamppost!  Medics said the nine centimeter wide pole managed to miss all of the man’s essential organs after it speared into his body and suspended it mid air on the lamppost.Fireman were forced to cut the lamppost and transport it with the man to hospital and they were able to remove it after a three-hour operation. The gruesome impaling saved the man from slamming into the concrete street outside his home.  The 37-year-old had forgotten his keys and instead of calling a locksmith decided to try to climb onto the balcony of his flat. But he slipped and fell.  Medics said Mr Li is still in intensive care but expect him to make a full recovery.

A Florida man faces a felony charge after police said he texted photos of his ding dong to a 16-year-old girl. James Weldon Alton, 29, met the teen while working as a superhero impersonator at Universal Studios in Orlando – Captian Amercia!  He also admitted that the photos were a bad idea, and insisted that he didn’t know what he expected to receive in exchange for them. Alton said he planned to meet the teen, but no firm date was set. Alton was arrested on one count of transmitting harmful material to a minor. Some heroes are born. Others are just creeps in costume.

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