This guy's a boob

Never under­es­ti­mate the power of booooobs (or being one). When an argu­ment over a park­ing spot in BOOOOBSthe Haight dis­trict esca­lated, the woman inten­tion­ally rammed her car into the man’s who would not let her have the park­ing spot. The woman drove away and the vic­tim remem­bered noth­ing. He didn’t know what kind of car she was dri­ving, the license plate num­ber or even what the woman looked like. He was, how­ever, “able to give a detailed descrip­tion of the suspect’s cleav­age,” said the police. When in doubt, use your boobs to detract from your bad behav­ior. I’m sure the vic­tim will have plenty of fun pick­ing boobs out of a police lineup.

Some­one in U.S. Air­ways’ PR depart­ment is prob­a­bly look­ing for work — the brand tweeted a very graphic photo in response to a cus­tomer com­plaint yes­ter­day.  The cus­tomer expressed frus­tra­tion at a flight delay, and the air­line apol­o­gized. When the trav­eler pressed, say­ing that the com­pany hadn’t addressed her other tweets, the reply was a link that was sup­posed to be to a page where she could detail her com­plaint — but it turned out to be an image of a woman using a model air­plane in a very provoca­tive man­ner. The photo remained on U.S. Air­ways’ feed for about an hour. The air­line has since apologized.

A nine-year-old Florida boy can expect to be grounded until his 18th birth­day for a stunt he pulled to get out of going to school. The kid, whose name has not been released, spent the morn­ing fight­ing with his mother and grand­mother about going to school. At one point, the lit­tle brat threw a brick and rocks at the women and then grabbed his mom’s car keys and stole her car. The kid, who could barely see over the steer­ing wheel, drove around town for 45 min­utes before cops were able to stop him. They arrested him and charged him with grand theft auto and aggra­vated assault. And you thought your kids were rotten.

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