This guy's a boob

Never underestimate the power of booooobs (or being one). When an argument over a parking spot in BOOOOBSthe Haight district escalated, the woman intentionally rammed her car into the man’s who would not let her have the parking spot. The woman drove away and the victim remembered nothing. He didn’t know what kind of car she was driving, the license plate number or even what the woman looked like. He was, however, “able to give a detailed description of the suspect’s cleavage,” said the police. When in doubt, use your boobs to detract from your bad behavior. I’m sure the victim will have plenty of fun picking boobs out of a police lineup.

Someone in U.S. Airways’ PR department is probably looking for work — the brand tweeted a very graphic photo in response to a customer complaint yesterday.  The customer expressed frustration at a flight delay, and the airline apologized. When the traveler pressed, saying that the company hadn’t addressed her other tweets, the reply was a link that was supposed to be to a page where she could detail her complaint — but it turned out to be an image of a woman using a model airplane in a very provocative manner. The photo remained on U.S. Airways’ feed for about an hour. The airline has since apologized.

A nine-year-old Florida boy can expect to be grounded until his 18th birthday for a stunt he pulled to get out of going to school. The kid, whose name has not been released, spent the morning fighting with his mother and grandmother about going to school. At one point, the little brat threw a brick and rocks at the women and then grabbed his mom’s car keys and stole her car. The kid, who could barely see over the steering wheel, drove around town for 45 minutes before cops were able to stop him. They arrested him and charged him with grand theft auto and aggravated assault. And you thought your kids were rotten.

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