This guy's a wiz

In this economy people have to be proactive and a Chicago-area businessman thinks he can experience no peethe sweet smell of success! Jeff Bennett developed a burning desire to move consumers beyond what he calls “girly scents” and burned the candle at both ends until he came out with his new line of distinctive aromas, which range from gasoline to “body odor” … and even the pee-scented treat he hopes to make his number-one seller. Bennett says, “Most people’s think it’s gross when they first hear about it but they laugh and are then curious to smell them.”  And then they still think it’s gross….

Is there anything duct tape can’t do? After store clerk Cipriano Ojeda allegedly saw Alexander Greene walking out of his deli with six beers and three bottles of malt liquor stuffed in his backpack, he
confronted him.  The suspect wounded Ojeda in the forehead with a knife, but the clerk was able to restrain him and pin him to the ground. When officers from the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office,
they found Greene outside on the sidewalk with all four of his limbs bound with duct tape.

A museum in Iceland devoted entirely to showcasing the wangs of all the earth’s species is still missing one very important piece. The Phallological Museum boasts 93 different species, from mice to whales, but it’s still waiting for a human specimen.  There are two willing donors locked in a competition to be the first to have theirs in the museum. Pall Arason of Iceland and American Tom Mitchell who says his is tattooed with the stars and stripes! (So, there) Also, he says the museum could have his before he dies. (Wha??)  He says, “I’ve always had a dream of fame and fortune for Elmo.”  Yes, Elmo is the name he’s given it...and that’s the scariest part of this story!

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