This isn't your mother's slip n side

Texas mom Kisha Young picked up six kids from a community pool and made them sit on the trunk of her car because they were wet and kids on a carshe didn’t want the interior of her Chevy Malibu to get wet. Well, as you might expect, the six soaked kids slid right off the car and landed in the street. Four of them were injured, including a 12-year-old who suffered a severe head injury. Police say some of the kids were hers and the others belonged to another mom who was sitting in the passenger seat. That mom is not facing charges at this time. But Young, who was also drunk at the time, has been charged with assault with a vehicle, child endangerment and driving while intoxicated.


The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department arrested 18-year-old Francisco Canseco on charges of graffiti vandalism of several locations, including inside the San Diego Superior Courthouse, the very same place he was being prosecuted for acts of vandalism. When fresh graffiti was found inside the courthouse, deputies used a graffiti tracking system to see if the artwork resembled any other tags they had previously catalogued. It turned out that it matched Canseco’s past work.
A woman in Calhoun, Georgia, came home to a big surprise: Her home was looted and filled with water. The woman called deputies and when they investigated the house, they allegedly found an even bigger surprise: A naked woman hiding in one of the closets! The naked woman in question was Suzanne Hussain, 34, who lives about seven miles away and didn’t even know the homeowner. Investigators have not determined any motive. Hussain was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated.

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