Those aren't tomatoes!!

A father and son Anto­nius Hart Senior and Anto­nius Hart Junior drove away from a fast food joint with their order, but when they got home, they found that there were some pieces miss­ing, so they returned – with an AK-47! The cashier offered to hand over the wings that the men had been shorted, but the elder Hart demanded some extra chicken to make up for the gas they burned on their way back to com­plain. After they bran­dished the gun, a man­ager called cops, who placed both men under arrest. One cus­tomer said, “I guess in this area, peo­ple don’t play about their food.”

A 15-year-old Geor­gia teenager, who has report­edly strug­gled with anger man­age­ment issues, got angry when step­mom Kristi Aske­vich told him to get some bed­ding ready for pickup by Good­will – even though he insisted it was more impor­tant to find the proper Bible verses for a class­mate who “needed to be saved.” The boy man­aged to com­plete the chores, but couldn’t turn the other cheek about not being able to crack open the gospels, grab­bing a pis­tol his par­ents kept in their bed­room for pro­tec­tion and shoot­ing both his step­mom and his dad! Both were taken to the hos­pi­tal, but expected to make a full recovery.

tomatoSeat­tle cops who got a report of a shoplifter in a gro­cery store had to “ketchup” with the man as he pushed his wheel­chair through the shop wear­ing noth­ing but a hand­ful of cherry toma­toes cov­er­ing his pri­vate parts!  The man, whose name was not released, was eat­ing a hand­ful of the salad sta­ples, and spilling the rest on the floor – where he’d thrown his pants after remov­ing them in the mid­dle of the pro­duce depart­ment. He was arrested and trans­ported to King County Jail for inves­ti­ga­tion of bur­glary. The only thing found on him dur­ing a search was a still-frozen, but half-eaten Jimmy Dean sausage…sandwich.

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