Those Dam Beavers!

beaver with a gunNathan Barron was sitting in the woods near his home on a deer hunting expedition when nature called and he left his spot to answer – leaving his gun leaning against a tree. He returned a few minutes later and saw that the weapon had vanished, although it didn’t take him long to find it – it was clenched between the teeth of a beaver who was hauling it down to a nearby stream.  Nathan decided not to pursue the armed robber, but admits he might try a sneak attack at a later date, saying, “I was mad, but I started laughing because it was funny. I’m trying to get my gun back. If there are beaver marks on it, I’m going to hang it on the wall of my garage.”

An Arizona man who was busted fleeing the scene of a house break-in had a hell of an answer when asked what he was doing there – saying that he’d been talked into the act by the devil! The ironically named Angel Meza told officers that Satan set him up by planting the gun he was carrying in his pocket and making him take the loot he was about to run off with. After blaming the devil, Angel also granted that he’d recently taken drugs.  Satan’s all “Why do I always get blamed for everything, man?”

In Wisconsin several women started arguing over money near a poultry display inside a market. One of them was so distraught she whipped out a can of pepper spray!  One of the other women smacked her with a frozen Turkey!  In all, six women ended up wrestling around a floor covered with turkey, yogurt and spilled bacon. No one was seriously injured, but a 62-year-old man had had enough when he got smacked in the head with a container of yogurt and called 911 putting an end to the early Turkey Day celebration.

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