Those Dam Beavers!

beaver with a gunNathan Bar­ron was sit­ting in the woods near his home on a deer hunt­ing expe­di­tion when nature called and he left his spot to answer – leav­ing his gun lean­ing against a tree. He returned a few min­utes later and saw that the weapon had van­ished, although it didn’t take him long to find it – it was clenched between the teeth of a beaver who was haul­ing it down to a nearby stream.  Nathan decided not to pur­sue the armed rob­ber, but admits he might try a sneak attack at a later date, say­ing, “I was mad, but I started laugh­ing because it was funny. I’m try­ing to get my gun back. If there are beaver marks on it, I’m going to hang it on the wall of my garage.”

An Ari­zona man who was busted flee­ing the scene of a house break-in had a hell of an answer when asked what he was doing there – say­ing that he’d been talked into the act by the devil! The iron­i­cally named Angel Meza told offi­cers that Satan set him up by plant­ing the gun he was car­ry­ing in his pocket and mak­ing him take the loot he was about to run off with. After blam­ing the devil, Angel also granted that he’d recently taken drugs.  Satan’s all “Why do I always get blamed for every­thing, man?”

In Wis­con­sin sev­eral women started argu­ing over money near a poul­try dis­play inside a mar­ket. One of them was so dis­traught she whipped out a can of pep­per spray!  One of the other women smacked her with a frozen Turkey!  In all, six women ended up wrestling around a floor cov­ered with turkey, yogurt and spilled bacon. No one was seri­ously injured, but a 62-year-old man had had enough when he got smacked in the head with a con­tainer of yogurt and called 911 putting an end to the early Turkey Day celebration.

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