Thrusday 3/01

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Racist Chicken - School offi­cials in a Mass­a­chu­setts town are apol­o­giz­ing for send­ing home a lunch menu that listed KKK Chicken Ten­ders as an option. Super­in­ten­dent Judith Scan­nell says the menu was sup­posed to list KK Chicken Ten­ders, with the KK stand­ing for a cre­atively spelled “Krispy, Krunchy,” but an employee mis­tak­enly hit the “K” key one too many times.  A stu­dent pointed out to WCVB-TV that it there would’ve been no issue if offi­cials just spelled the words cor­rectly, with the let­ter C.

Take­ing a bite out of crime or at least a patrol car– Deputies tried to sub­due a FL man after a home­owner reported that he was going door to door, wav­ing a flash­light and ask­ing that they call 911. When they arrived on the scene, he tossed the flash­light in their direc­tion and began curs­ing and issu­ing threats. As cops tried to restrain him, the guy began bit­ing the hood of the cruiser, scrap­ing the paint down to the bare metal in sev­eral places. He then asked the offi­cers to kill him, which they declined to do, tak­ing him to a hos­pi­tal for a psy­chi­atric hold instead.

No one rides for free - Geor­gia man Trevor Glad­ston entered the bank and handed the teller a note say­ing, “Hand over all the money or we start shoot­ing.” That didn’t work, so he fled, hail­ing a cab and high-tailing it to a local bus sta­tion — only to dis­cover he had no cab fare. When the dri­ver insisted he pay, Glad­ston asked her to take him back to the branch he tried to stick up — and while he was try­ing to make a legal with­drawal, cops arrived to arrest him.

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