Thrusday 3/29

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Exsqeeze me – An Australian woman needed more than a simple “God Bless You” after sneezing in bed.  Monique Jeffrey was lying down when she got the urge to sneeze, and didn’t think much of it — until she felt “excruciating” pain afterwards. The 28-year-old found herself unable to walk, but managed to text her husband with a plea for help. After being rushed to the hospital, she was found to have dislocated two vertebrae, and was fitted with a spinal brace.

A doggone lucky number – A basset hound who was determined to fetch help for himself managed to dial the British equivalent of 911 to summon emergency workers to stop him from choking. George, a playful two-year-old, had knocked the landline off its perch and gotten the cord wrapped around his throat when he began pawing madly at the keypad, eventually dialing 999. The dispatcher didn’t exactly understand what the pooch was saying, but was alarmed at the heavy breathing and strange sounds, so she sent someone out to check.  George’s 18-year-old owner says he is usually not the brightest light, noting, “He’s really dopey and just likes to chew socks.”

Up in smoke – An Australian man clearly needs to filter his urges, as he proved by rolling his van off the road while on a quest for smokes. The 41-year-old, who was not identified, was with his wife when he decided he was willing to drive a mile or more for a Ciggy. He took a turn onto a side street a little too quickly, sending his four-wheel-drive vehicle off the road and onto its roof. When cops arrived to investigate, they found the driver and his wife trapped, naked, and inebriated but uninjured. He faces several driving charges.

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