Thrusday 7/12

A group of New Yorkers will be able to share a real fish story with friends – following an incident in which a guy strolled through a subway car trying to sell a shark to bystanders. The man was spotted on a Brooklyn-bound train brandishing a baby sand shark, which can be found swimming off the coast of Coney Island, and asking 100 bucks for the fish. He told his fellow passengers that he plucked the shark out of the shallow water after it “bit him in the [butt].” For the record, selling sharks – or any live animals – on the New York subway is against the law.

Charleston police said an officer spotted Christoph Robin Egan, 19, and Andrew Stephen Dunford, 21 “completely in the nude” around 2 a.m. on Logan Street. The officer said Egan only had a cellphone and Dunford was carrying a bag containing both men’s clothing. The men smelled of alcohol, slurred their speech
and had bloodshot eyes. Egan told the officer he and Dunford had been out drinking at some bars and “thought it would be fun” to walk naked to the place where they were staying. The men were arrested on indecent exposure charges and were released on bail.

 A robber, who had a shirt pulled over her face to hide her identity, claimed to have a gun and demanded all the cash on the premises of a gas station. But instead of handing over the dough, the clerk on duty said that there were other people ahead of you so get back in your car and go back to your place in the gas line!  Taken by surprise, the crook turned tail and ran.  I don’t know for sure but I bet with her shirt pulled over her head she ran into a few things along the way.

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