Thrusday 7/12

A group of New York­ers will be able to share a real fish story with friends – fol­low­ing an inci­dent in which a guy strolled through a sub­way car try­ing to sell a shark to bystanders. The man was spot­ted on a Brooklyn-bound train bran­dish­ing a baby sand shark, which can be found swim­ming off the coast of Coney Island, and ask­ing 100 bucks for the fish. He told his fel­low pas­sen­gers that he plucked the shark out of the shal­low water after it “bit him in the [butt].” For the record, sell­ing sharks – or any live ani­mals – on the New York sub­way is against the law.

Charleston police said an offi­cer spot­ted Christoph Robin Egan, 19, and Andrew Stephen Dun­ford, 21 “com­pletely in the nude” around 2 a.m. on Logan Street. The offi­cer said Egan only had a cell­phone and Dun­ford was car­ry­ing a bag con­tain­ing both men’s cloth­ing. The men smelled of alco­hol, slurred their speech
and had blood­shot eyes. Egan told the offi­cer he and Dun­ford had been out drink­ing at some bars and “thought it would be fun” to walk naked to the place where they were stay­ing. The men were arrested on inde­cent expo­sure charges and were released on bail.

 A rob­ber, who had a shirt pulled over her face to hide her iden­tity, claimed to have a gun and demanded all the cash on the premises of a gas sta­tion. But instead of hand­ing over the dough, the clerk on duty said that there were other peo­ple ahead of you so get back in your car and go back to your place in the gas line!  Taken by sur­prise, the crook turned tail and ran.  I don’t know for sure but I bet with her shirt pulled over her head she ran into a few things along the way.

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