Thursday 10/11

An exotic dancer called 911 claiming that she had been robbed, but the only thing actually taken from her was her time. Cops in New Hampshire say the woman was booked to dance for a customer at his house, but when she arrived, the customer refused to open the door. She called 911 claiming a theft of service. An officer arrived at the house, determined that no crime had been committed, and sent her on her way.  The cop reported that what likely happened is that the customer ordered an exotic dancer, but didn’t like the way she looked when she arrived, so he decided not to let her in.

Cops received photographs from a witness who saw a woman in the water taking a piggyback ride on the thousand-pound endangered manatee, and immediately went on a manhunt to find her. In Florida, messing with them in any way is a second-degree misdemeanor. Finally, after going public with the picture, the woman – identified as 52-year-old Ana Gutierrez – turned herself in. She claimed that she was new to the area and wasn’t aware of the law stating that she couldn’t mount and ride the beast. She has not been arrested, although charges have been turned over to the prosecutor’s office. She could be facing a fine or short jail term.

Villa Park Police Chief Robert Pavelchik Jr. said he arrived at his Naperville home to discover Maximilian Salling, 18, and another teenager, whose name was not released, sitting in a 1999 Ford Escort parked outside of his house.  He said. “I’m coming down the street, and I see these two guys in a car I like to say I know most of my neighbors and friends, so I got out of my car with a flashlight in one hand and I said, ‘What are you guys doing?’  As a giant puff of marijuana smoke wafts out of the window.  “They’re blowing dope when I come home from work, right in front of my house,” Pavelchik said. “I smell the dope, and I see the pipe and the bag of dope on the floor. He detained the teenagers until Naperville police arrived.

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