Thursday 1/10

Randy Nemirsky a Canadian man is feeling down in the dumps. Just two months after installing a new outhouse, it disappeared, aside from a few boards and the hole in the ground. He says, “How low can you go, to steal another man’s privy?” Neminsky is offering a $500 reward for the return of the outhouse.

Velma Kellen, 73, of Yelm, WA said she called a repairman to determine why her new furnace wasn’t heating her home.  The repairman said, “I’ve got good news and bad news. I’ve got your ducts fixed, but somebody’s been living under your house.”  He discovered several empty beer cans and liquor bottles underneath the house. “They cut the duct so that the warm air was blowing down on them,” Kellen said she suspects the intruder was the source of marijuana smoke she often detected in her home. 

Uh Huh.
She said she does not know how long the mystery person was squatting beneath her floor . Police were notified.

 Austin Lee Presler broke the front window of a store to get inside in the wee hours of the morning, and stole a quantity of beer, cigarettes and junk food – one bag of which broke open, leaving a trail of cheetos out the door. A surveillance video showed a white car leaving the scene, and when cops went in search of the vehicle, they found one outside Presler’s house – along with another trail of Cheetos on the front porch. Presler was found inside the home with the stolen items and orange fingers. He was taken into custody and charged with 2nd degree burglary.

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