Thursday 11/01

An employee at an Illinois Subway restaurant stopped a robbery by throwing a pot of soup at an armed robber wearing a ghost mask, police said. The attempted robbery happened at 6:45 p.m. Friday when an employee was leaving the restaurant and was forced back inside by the masked bandit, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. “He pushed her down to the floor and kept yelling to open the register,” said Braidwood Police Chief Rich Girot. “A male employee threw a pot of soup at the suspect and they scuffled until [the robber] ran out to a black compact car.” Neither of the employees was injured, but the woman was “shaken up” and taken to a hospital for examination, Girot said. Girot said police were reviewing footage from security cameras.

Everyone has a few faults. In Beaky’s case, he swears (a lot) and he
bites.Not good qualities for a parrot seeking a new home.Still,
honesty is the best policy, so the Royal Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals has decided to come clean about his
shortcomings. Supervisor Angelina Lusher said Wednesday that
anyone who takes Beaky in will have to put up with some rude
language. The agency also says he tends to bite people until he
bonds with them.Beaky is a chattering lory who will only be given to
new owners with experience handling exotic birds. Lusher says
Beaky needs interaction with people or other birds to have a
fulfilling life.

Police in Washington state said a nude woman took a coat from a
Big Lots store, but dropped it while she was fleeing.Lacey police
said the unidentified woman, believed to be in her early 30s, took
off her clothes before entering the store Tuesday and took a coat
from the store that she dropped while fleeing from employees, The
(Tacoma, Wash.) News Tribune reported Wednesday.Sgt. Adam
Seig said the woman was completely nude and running in and out
of traffic in the parking lot when she was arrested on suspicion of
indecent exposure just after 3 p.m.Seig said the woman seemed

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