thursday 11/15

William Keltner was shopping for a new TV when he stumbled across a set for a hair over 200 bucks, which actually sounds like a decent deal. Keltner decided to remove the price code from a clothes hanger, which was selling for about a buck and a quarter, and place it on the set before taking it to the self-service checkout counter. Keltner was arrested and charged with third-degree felony tampering with evidence, and felony theft.

Keith Hinds hopped into a Chinese restaurants delivery vehicle after the delivery man left it idling at curbside. Hinds sped off, then began taking the remaining orders to the listed addresses in an attempt to rack up a few extra bucks – much to the surprise of the restaurant owner, who had called the patrons to inform them that their meals had been stolen. Cops caught up with Hinds fairly quickly and charged him with auto theft as well as drug possession

An Ohio man whose name was not released, aroused the suspicion of an employee at an adult book store by hanging around near the shop’s back door looking suspicious – although he later insisted he was just comparing prices on a few items. When cops swung by to question him about the lurking, he took off on his bicycle, but crashed it into a fire hydrant and wiped out! The police found drugs in his jean pockets.  He was charged with drug possession and issued a bench warrant.

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