Thursday 11/29

A Cleveland-area woman called cops to report that she’d cap­tured a criminal…in a box. The woman insisted that she’d had the intruder sealed up securely but he man­aged to escape. A fur­ther search revealed no sign of forced entry, but did turn up a bot­tle of liquor on the kitchen table, which she admit­ted she’d been enjoy­ing over the course of the evening. She was cited for mis­use of 911 and warned that one more call could result in jail time.

Short cuts aren’t always the fastest…or the best idea. That les­son was almost dri­ven home to a Min­nesota man who decided to take a nap on a set of rail­road tracks and stay there even after being ordered to move. The engi­neer stopped his train after spot­ting John Som­mers lying on the tracks, and went to check on the 50-year-old’s well-being. He nudged Som­mers and got the man to sit up briefly and explain that he was tak­ing a short­cut home after a night of drinking.

In the and-you-thought-you-had-a-bad-day depart­ment: A dri­ver in Salem, Mass­a­chu­setts, man­aged to run him­self over with his own truck.  Brian Reynolds brakes failed and so he busted out the Fred Flin­stone style of brak­ing and tried to slow his truck with his feet.  The result being that he fell out of the truck, which pro­ceeded to roll over his left leg. Luck­ily, he suf­fered only minor injuries, and the truck came to a stop after hit­ting a fire hydrant. Police rewarded his efforts with a $35 ticket for dri­ving with
defec­tive equipment.

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