Thursday 11/29

A Cleveland-area woman called cops to report that she’d captured a criminal…in a box. The woman insisted that she’d had the intruder sealed up securely but he managed to escape. A further search revealed no sign of forced entry, but did turn up a bottle of liquor on the kitchen table, which she admitted she’d been enjoying over the course of the evening. She was cited for misuse of 911 and warned that one more call could result in jail time.

Short cuts aren’t always the fastest…or the best idea. That lesson was almost driven home to a Minnesota man who decided to take a nap on a set of railroad tracks and stay there even after being ordered to move. The engineer stopped his train after spotting John Sommers lying on the tracks, and went to check on the 50-year-old’s well-being. He nudged Sommers and got the man to sit up briefly and explain that he was taking a shortcut home after a night of drinking.

In the and-you-thought-you-had-a-bad-day department: A driver in Salem, Massachusetts, managed to run himself over with his own truck.  Brian Reynolds brakes failed and so he busted out the Fred Flinstone style of braking and tried to slow his truck with his feet.  The result being that he fell out of the truck, which proceeded to roll over his left leg. Luckily, he suffered only minor injuries, and the truck came to a stop after hitting a fire hydrant. Police rewarded his efforts with a $35 ticket for driving with
defective equipment.

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