Thursday 1/17

Police say a man is accused of stealing $30,000 worth of automatic flush vales from urinals and toilets since September in Milwaukee. Officials suspect that he’s reselling the parts somehow, but they have yet to confirm this. One regional manager of the local Arby’s has even ordered locks placed on their urinals.

Two adult brothers  stole their 92-year-old father’s body from a cemetery.  Clarence Street’s “intact and unharmed” corpse was found yesterday morning in the basement freezer of one of his sons’ Detroit homes. The 38- and 48-year-old sons are in custody and could be charged with disinterment. The older brother was apparently having a hard time coping with his dad’s death, particularly since his mother had also died recently. He even admitted to purchasing the freezer in order to store the body. Officials said, “he is very religious, and he was hoping his father would be resurrected. He was hoping for a miracle.”

Authorities in Florida say a man accused of stealing beer, wine and steaks from a Walmart store told deputies he was trying to “impress a lady.” The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said a loss prevention officer spotted James Flenniken, 48, taking the $79.30 worth of items from the Manatee store about 5 p.m. Flenniken told deputies he took the items in an attempt to “impress a lady.” Flenniken was taken to the county jail on a misdemeanor shoplifting charge which pretty much guarantees she was not impressed.

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