Thursday 11/8

The disappearance of $4000 from inside the couch was first spotted by a 9 year old Ukrainian boy’s father. He opened the stash and saw it was empty. After an argument, the son admitted taking the money during his autumn school holiday, $3,300 in U.S. cash and about 600 euros ($635), and spending it on candy, which he shared with friends!  At least he knows how to share….

A Florida man showed a distinct lack of horse sense after he was thrown from his horse on a drunken late night ride – only to try to get even by shooting the animal in retaliation for the embarrassment. Lonnie Wilkerson had reportedly knocked back several shots of vodka over the course of his evening out, then climbed aboard his horse for the trek home. When he was tossed from his mount, Wilkerson saw red and drew his gun, firing several shots, none of which came close to hitting the animal. He was arrested on charges of using a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

Bunty Verma used to have a sharp tongue. The 32-year-old TV repairman from India reportedly insulted his wife, Hema, so frequently and severely that she recently left him, taking their daughter with her. The man was so distraught that he cut off his tongue! Verma tried to reach out to his estranged wife with a note explaining that since it was his tongue that was responsible for his cruel words, he sliced it off.  No word on whether his wife believed the reconciliation attempt was anything more than lip service, but Verma was admitted to a government hospital for treatment, and the medical officer informed local police officials about his personal dismemberment.

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