Thursday 12/15


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Is this your breast posi­tion? - Dur­ing a Pilates stretch­ing exer­cise, a 59-year-old New Eng­land­woman said her body “swal­lowed” one of her breast implants.  A Dr. Youn says, “When the patient Valsalva’d, the (chest) mus­cle likely con­tracted and pushed the implant through the space between her ribs,” which was par­tic­u­larly frag­ile because she’d recently under­gone a surgery to repair her heart’s mitral valve, a pro­ce­dure that typ­i­cally involves some sep­a­rat­ing of the mus­cles that run between the ribs.  The woman was treated at Johns Hop­kins, where sur­geons retrieved the implant from within her chest and put it back where it belonged. 

Classes that don’t work - Faribah Mara­di­aga was charged with second-degree assault after she walked into an anger man­age­ment class, which had already started, and began mak­ing wise­cracks about a Dr. Phil video that was being shown. When another stu­dent told her to give the TV doc a chance, she flipped out and attacked her with a knife, leav­ing slash wounds on the victim’s shoul­ders!  The woman who was assaulted is now suingK­ing County,Washington, on a vari­ety of counts with her lawyer ask­ing why vio­lent offend­ers aren’t dis­cour­aged from car­ry­ing weapons into anger man­age­ment classes.

In shoplift­ing tim­ing is every­thing — That’s the les­son that Tim­o­thy Ran­dal Clark learned when try­ing to rob a Mary­land Wal-Mart of about $600 in video games on what was des­ig­nated “Shop With a Cop Day.” The well-publicized char­ity event is designed to give under­priv­i­leged kids a shot at a nice hol­i­day gift, but this year, it also net­ted an arrest for Clark, who was spot­ted shov­ing the loot under his shirt. Since there were more than 50 offi­cers on hand to take the call, it’s unclear who got credit for the bust.

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