Thursday 12/15


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Is this your breast position? – During a Pilates stretching exercise, a 59-year-old New Englandwoman said her body “swallowed” one of her breast implants.  A Dr. Youn says, “When the patient Valsalva’d, the (chest) muscle likely contracted and pushed the implant through the space between her ribs,” which was particularly fragile because she’d recently undergone a surgery to repair her heart’s mitral valve, a procedure that typically involves some separating of the muscles that run between the ribs.  The woman was treated at Johns Hopkins, where surgeons retrieved the implant from within her chest and put it back where it belonged. 

Classes that don’t work – Faribah Maradiaga was charged with second-degree assault after she walked into an anger management class, which had already started, and began making wisecracks about a Dr. Phil video that was being shown. When another student told her to give the TV doc a chance, she flipped out and attacked her with a knife, leaving slash wounds on the victim’s shoulders!  The woman who was assaulted is now suingKing County,Washington, on a variety of counts with her lawyer asking why violent offenders aren’t discouraged from carrying weapons into anger management classes.

In shoplifting timing is everything – That’s the lesson that Timothy Randal Clark learned when trying to rob a Maryland Wal-Mart of about $600 in video games on what was designated “Shop With a Cop Day.” The well-publicized charity event is designed to give underprivileged kids a shot at a nice holiday gift, but this year, it also netted an arrest for Clark, who was spotted shoving the loot under his shirt. Since there were more than 50 officers on hand to take the call, it’s unclear who got credit for the bust.

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