Thursday 12/20

A traffic deputy in Florida gave folks a real reason to cry after being pulled over – by handing them onions instead of paper tickets for their infractions. Lou Caputo, an officer in the Florida Keys, often dresses as the Grinch at this time of year, and hands out the stinky onions to drivers who’ve been mildly naughty – by driving less than five miles per hour over the speed limit. He actually gives speeders the choice between an onion and a real ticket, and says that nine times out of ten, they choose the onion.

An unidentified thug walked into a Shell station holding a large plastic garbage bag, then placed a Snickers bar on the counter.  Then he demandied the cash. The attendant recognized the guy as a regular customer and laughed at him, until he pulled out a gun and repeated his request – also demanding she turn over her cell phone. She laughingly held her hands up, middle fingers extended, but didn’t make any move toward the register, frustrating the crook,who grabbed the candy bar and fled.

A West Virginia couple used their get out of jail free card unwisely when they walked out of their cell and promptly got busted again – for crashing a deputy’s car while attempting to steal it from the parking lot. Michael Lee Sharp and Amanda Clendening T-boned a sheriff’s car in the middle of a high-speed chase just a stone’s throw from the facility where they were being held.

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