Thursday 12/27

A farming community in Shelby County, Kentucky is on the lookout for an unidentified creature that has been attacking – but not eating – local livestock. According to Outside magazine, several steers lost their ears on one farm, and another farmer had to put down five goats due to several injuries. Officials have enlisted the help of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department to identify and capture the creature. All the attacks have occurred at night.

A trio of medical experts at Hillerod Hospital in Denmark initiated a scientific study to determine if the old Danish myth is true, that you can get drunk by immersing your feet in alcohol. To do so, they soaked their feet in a washtub containing 3 bottles of vodka for 3 hours. They measured blood alcohol content every half-hour and rated themselves on a scale of 0-to-10 on self-confidence, urge to speak, and the number of times they desired spontaneous
hugs. The result … absolutely no evidence of alcohol absorption whatsoever. (But their soles are really sanitary.)

A California man has been arrested on suspicion of practicing dentistry without a license! Police finally got the bite on William Escobar after a patient reported him. According to police, the victim claims Escobar cleaned his teeth, injected his gums with anesthetic, and told him he needed to have a tooth pulled. The patient didn’t have the money for the extraction, so it wasn’t performed. But according to the patient, Escobar called him demanding money and threatening him. When police searched Escobar’s apartment they reportedly discovered “an elaborate dental office” in his bathroom and evidence of “numerous customers,” including teens who were receiving orthodontic care.

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