Thursday 12/27

A farm­ing com­mu­nity in Shelby County, Ken­tucky is on the look­out for an uniden­ti­fied crea­ture that has been attack­ing – but not eat­ing – local live­stock. Accord­ing to Out­side mag­a­zine, sev­eral steers lost their ears on one farm, and another farmer had to put down five goats due to sev­eral injuries. Offi­cials have enlisted the help of the Ken­tucky Fish and Wildlife Depart­ment to iden­tify and cap­ture the crea­ture. All the attacks have occurred at night.

A trio of med­ical experts at Hillerod Hos­pi­tal in Den­mark ini­ti­ated a sci­en­tific study to deter­mine if the old Dan­ish myth is true, that you can get drunk by immers­ing your feet in alco­hol. To do so, they soaked their feet in a wash­tub con­tain­ing 3 bot­tles of vodka for 3 hours. They mea­sured blood alco­hol con­tent every half-hour and rated them­selves on a scale of 0-to-10 on self-confidence, urge to speak, and the num­ber of times they desired spon­ta­neous
hugs. The result … absolutely no evi­dence of alco­hol absorp­tion what­so­ever. (But their soles are really sanitary.)

A Cal­i­for­nia man has been arrested on sus­pi­cion of prac­tic­ing den­tistry with­out a license! Police finally got the bite on William Esco­bar after a patient reported him. Accord­ing to police, the vic­tim claims Esco­bar cleaned his teeth, injected his gums with anes­thetic, and told him he needed to have a tooth pulled. The patient didn’t have the money for the extrac­tion, so it wasn’t per­formed. But accord­ing to the patient, Esco­bar called him demand­ing money and threat­en­ing him. When police searched Escobar’s apart­ment they report­edly dis­cov­ered “an elab­o­rate den­tal office” in his bath­room and evi­dence of “numer­ous cus­tomers,” includ­ing teens who were receiv­ing ortho­don­tic care.

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