Thursday 1/26

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A rogue wave caused the 26-foot Queen Bee to dump its two-person crew into the ocean off the shore of Nantucket in August of 2008. The two boaters, 58 and 68 years old, somehow survived the swim to shore despite choppy waters. Three years later, their boat has washed ashore on the coast of Spain—intact. The Coast Guard believes it’s quite possible the vessel headed north to Canada before making the transoceanic drift across the Atlantic to Europe.

An Australian man who robbed a cop while butt naked pled not guilty and pinned the blame on someone else. Paul Thompson allegedly threatened an off-duty police officer with a knife and stole his bag at a shopping mall before trying to swim to freedom. Officers in a police boat apprehended Thompson and brought him ashore after subduing him with pepper spray. When arraigned the next day, he said he should be set free because someone else had decided to joy ride in his body and was programming him to do things against his will. He’s currently on psychiatric hold.

A very specialized thief in Thailand got his panties in a bunch after he was nabbed by cops — who found more than a thousand pairs of women’s underwear in the trunk of his car. The man was spotted breaking into an apartment inBangkok, and when police followed him to his car, they found the disturbing assortment of thongs, bikinis and granny panties. When pressed by the deputies, he admitted those were just the tip of the iceberg — and led them to his home, where another 10,000 pairs were waiting. The 48-year-old bikini bandit said he’d been stealing undies for more than 30 years — and that “he smelled them all the time, even while driving.”

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