Thursday 1/3

Why you should just stay home on New Year’s Eve.  Shortly after 5am a 22-year-old woman drove the wrong way, at high speeds, on Interstate 81 North in Pennsylvania. For a total of 18 miles! She had a passenger with her the entire time and both were seemingly oblivious to police efforts to stop the car, which included the use of a spotlight and flashing lights from the southbound lane. When that didn’t work, troopers resorted to a roadblock. Troopers called the fact that no one was injured or killed a “miracle,” due in part to minimal traffic thanks to the holiday. As for the driver, Paige Cicardo, she’s been arrested for reckless endangerment and suspicion of DUI.

A Florida homeowner was awakened by a loud commotion on the first floor of his house shortly after 5 a.m. and went down to check on the ruckus – only to be confronted by a naked burglar wrestling with his dog! The intruder briefly took his attention away from the pooch and tried to bite the homeowner, who then whipped out his gun and opened fire, hitting the intruder in the leg. The suspect, who refused to give his identity, is charged with burglary, animal cruelty, resisting arrest with violence and lewd and lascivious behavior.

Oklahoma woman Thomasine Harjo was busted after driving through a police barrier that was set up to block traffic from the scene of a fatal accident. When an officer approached, he noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from the car and her speech was slurred. She told the deputy she couldn’t go to jail because she was expected in court, and when he asked why, she replied, “DUI.” The excuse didn’t fly, and Harjo was booked on charges of driving under the influence and obstruction of justice.

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