Thursday 2/16

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Corpus Christi police said officers responding to a call about a suspicious person around 3:10 a.m. spotted Taylor Burnham, 18, standing next to a Jeep Wrangler wearing nothing but her boots. Burnham jumped into the driver’s seat of the vehicle and led police on a slow-speed chase into a neighboring subdivision, where she drove onto a sidewalk before coming to a stop. Burnham, who appeared to be intoxicated, was charged with misdemeanor drunk driving as well as felony evading arrest in a vehicle. Police said they do not know why Burnham, was driving in the nude.

Authorities inLos Angeles say a man scaled the 220-foot radio tower for unknown reasons and began shedding his clothes while climbing until he was nude!  The man was wrapped in a blanket and lowered to the ground by a rope-and-pulley system assembled by the Los Angeles Fire Department’s search-and-rescue specialists.

In Oregona witness reported seeing a naked, bound woman in the back of a Subaru. Cops spread out searching the area, and ultimately found Stephanie Morgan Pelzner, 26, tied up with duct tape covering her mouth.  When the car returned to the address of its registered owner, 31-year-old Nikolas Harbar … who just so happens to be Pelzner’s boyfriend, explained that they were engaging in “Valentine’s Day role-playing,” and Pelzner said she was a willing participant in the stunt. Police also found wine in the vehicle. The couple had even driven to a few stores and were “going after the shock effect,” says a sergeant, “It was the weirdest thing in my 24 years,” the sergeant says, adding that the couple was “real apologetic.” Even so, they were arrested and accused of second-degree disorderly conduct.


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