Thursday 2/2

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Cop Flop – Judy Sanchez said the FBI agents busted down her Fitchburg, MAdoor and forced her to remain on the floor for about 45 minutes while her 3-year-old daughter cried in the next room!   FBI spokesman Greg Comcowich said the agents soon realized they had gone into the wrong apartment. A spokesman said the agents later raided the correct address and arrested Luis R. Vasquez on charges including conspiracy to distribute cocaine base.

Making a small deposit – An Illinois man was arrested after pulling into a bank’s drive-thru lane in an attempt to make an unauthorized deposit — but not one involving cash. Dustin Kraushaar began his transaction innocently enough, but then reached down and exposed himself.  When the teller called for help, the 20-year-old abandoned his plan to pull a fast one, driving off in a hurry and managing to evade police. He turned himself in a short time later and was charged with public indecency.

That’s NOT a worm! – Deputy Tom Wood a police officer in VA was at a residence to serve a warrant for a cockfight.  As he was heading for the front door, but he was distracted by a barking dog in the yard. While the deputy was looking at the dog, the rooster launched itself at his groin– connecting with enough force to double him over!  Wood shot the rooster with pepper spray, but witnesses say it appeared to have no effect on the bird, which went back to walking a

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