Thursday 2/2

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Cop Flop - Judy Sanchez said the FBI agents busted down her Fitch­burg, MAdoor and forced her to remain on the floor for about 45 min­utes while her 3-year-old daugh­ter cried in the next room!   FBI spokesman Greg Com­cowich said the agents soon real­ized they had gone into the wrong apart­ment. A spokesman said the agents later raided the cor­rect address and arrested Luis R. Vasquez on charges includ­ing con­spir­acy to dis­trib­ute cocaine base.

Mak­ing a small deposit - An Illi­nois man was arrested after pulling into a bank’s drive-thru lane in an attempt to make an unau­tho­rized deposit — but not one involv­ing cash. Dustin Kraushaar began his trans­ac­tion inno­cently enough, but then reached down and exposed him­self.  When the teller called for help, the 20-year-old aban­doned his plan to pull a fast one, dri­ving off in a hurry and man­ag­ing to evade police. He turned him­self in a short time later and was charged with pub­lic indecency.

That’s NOT a worm! — Deputy Tom Wood a police offi­cer in VA was at a res­i­dence to serve a war­rant for a cock­fight.  As he was head­ing for the front door, but he was dis­tracted by a bark­ing dog in the yard. While the deputy was look­ing at the dog, the rooster launched itself at his groin– con­nect­ing with enough force to dou­ble him over!  Wood shot the rooster with pep­per spray, but wit­nesses say it appeared to have no effect on the bird, which went back to walk­ing a

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