Thursday 2/21

An Arizona man is in hot water for treating neighbors to a baptism by fire — which he delivered by spraying them with his version of “holy water,” made up of Tabasco, bleach and vegetable oil. Francisco Javier Villa spritzed a man in the face in the parking lot of his apartment complex after he was warned not to mess with the guy’s car. The second victim was a witness who confronted Villa about the incident, then went to cops after being sprayed himself. Villa told officers that he was merely spraying the men with holy water for their own good.

Pasta strainer on headAuthorities in New Jersey said they were called by motor vehicle workers who reported a man refusing to take a pasta strainer off his head for an ID photo. The man, Aaron Williams, 25, said the pasta strainer was a religious head covering as he practices Pastafarianism, the religion of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The satirical religion is a movement opposed to the teaching of intelligent design and creationism in schools.Williams reluctantly agreed to have his picture taken without the strainer.

A Wisconsin man called 911 to report that he’d suffered an allergic reaction after trying to help his girlfriend apply a painkiller patch to her back. The guy was described as suffering tremors and turning ashen in color when emergency responders arrived and tried to administer treatment. Um, he was applying it to HER back so why was he sick?  Well, turns out he’d taken the patch and placed it on a piece of tinfoil in an attempt to get high by lighting it up. That of course led to more questions and the discovery of a crack pipe in his the pocket of his jeans, which he said must have been left there “years ago” when he smoked the stuff. Yeah. Time flies when you’re having fun.  He and his companion were both arrested on drug possession charges.

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